Police strikes
Police strikes

Salvador/Brazil – While Police forces are still at strike in Bahia, police and firefighters in Rio de Janeiro paralyze their activities and demand arise to their  minimum wage to R$ 3,500 (Brazilian Reais) / month.The strike announcement was made late night on Thursday February 9.

Even though the strike was decided by police staff in a public meeting and announced via Rede Globo’s internet portal. Many high officials connected with the police have denied the existence of a police strike. Like the strike in Bahia, the situation in Rio seems to have started “bottom up”, from the lower raking police man upwards.

Meanwhile, the death toll in Salvador’s metropolitan region have surpassed 133 during the, now 10 days long, strike. Expectations now are connected with how the situation will unfold in Rio de Janeiro, a global hotspot for tourists as Carnival’s celebration time comes around.

Meanwhile, users of microblog Twitter, comment their situation and wonder if the aftermath of the strike in Rio will be similar to that of Bahia. They use a hashtag # GrevePMRJ to identify their comments. The acronym Ba-Ril (Bahia + Rio) has become increasingly popular among twits, since in portuguese it sounds like the word barrel meaning a meaning a barrel or Powder keg.

The cops in Bahia had received a proposal from the Local government of a salary increase reaching around 36%. However, the process of implementing such an upgrade would only be complete in 2014. Dispute of that, the strike remains even after the arrest of Marco Prisco, considered to be one of the movement’s leader by some, last Thursday.

During the Carnaval celebrations, the whole world is watching Brazil

Both political and economic consequences can derive from an event like a police strike in Brazil, in special If the strike is proven able to holt any of the nation’s main activities. Just a few months ago, the evolution of the global credit crisis, revealed a growing international  demand for both more efficient control and agility by those countries involved in crisis.

We may say that this was the case of the U.S. debt ceiling – downgrade spiral starting with S&P last August, that according to some annalists did not have as much to do with the debt itself as it had to do with politics; since, many suggest that the pivotal point and catalysis factor behind the downgrade was the inability of the U.S Congress and political sector to articulate a quick deal in connection with the raising of the U.S debt/borrowing ceiling.

Thus, what matters now for international observer seems to be the answer to the following question: how fast and efficiently will the Brazilian government deal and resolve the situation? It may be worth add that other six Federal Units may experience Police strikes too, since they are considering so, they are: Para, Parana, Alagoas, Rio Grande do Sul, The Federal District and Espirito Santo.

And now? Do you have any information or comments on the police strike in Bahia and Rio – If you answer is yes, Leave a comment below.

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