Peter Joseph Talks About a Fourth Movie in the Zeitgeist Series

Peter Joseph Talking to a Young Audience In Salvador, Bahia, Brazil,
Peter Joseph Talking to a Young Audience while in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil,


Salvador- 07/29/2011. On his second speech in Salvador da Bahia, brazil, Peter Joseph, the creator of the Zeitgeist movement, spoke about the development of his ideas; the recent growth of the Zeitgeist movement worldwide; and about his plans for a fourth film in the Zeitgeist series.

Peter Joseph spoke to an audience of over one hundred people at a lecture room in at the school of mathematics in the Federal University Of Bahia(UFBa). In a keynote presentation, Peter explained the key reasons why he proposes a change in the way we humans approach our society and the planet Earth. His presentation included data relating to growth in unemployment rates; the replacement of human labour by cyborgs or automated machines; and also, how economic growth does not correlate to a proportional  increase in the sense of well being in the majority of contents.

During the Q&A that followed the presentation, Peter also spoke about the growth of the Zeitgeist movement worldwide, from the release of the first film, Zeitgeist: The Movie up to now and how they helped to motivate the organization of the movement worldwide.

A Fourth Film: Zeitgeist 4

 When questioned about the possibility of a fourth Film in the series, Peter Joseph said, that he would not give too many details about it in advance, But he said that this movie would probably include, among other things, a portrayal of the trajectory of individual characters present in his third movie Zeitgeist: Moving Forward, perhaps following their personal wakening process.

While answering other questions, Peter Joseph also spoke about his relationship with the Venus project and highlighted that he still sees it a reliable source of information and that he respects their members very much. Peter last public talk was a discussion on Political Cinema at Cine Future, this Friday July 29, 2011.

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Peter Joseph, the creator of the Zeitgeist movement, gives a talk in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil





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