Save the puppies

This is Vida,vidaI found her last Saturday, August the 13th, crying outside my doorstep.  I adopted her. These are puppies I found yesterday, August the 18th, under an abandoned container.puppies Their Mother is dying because she broke   her leg and there is no one to take her to the vet.   Unfortunately, all local government services cannot take them anywhere because they did run out of space.

So the hard work is left to people like you and me to do. I can’t take them home and I already have a puppy as you can see in the video. The only think I could do was to film them and make this short video. Pehaps together we can do more to save them. You can email me on fabiobatistaeu@gmail.comSkype me at batista-1987 or even donate any amount using the PayPal link below.  Now I have to finish this post and go and check how the puppies are. And try and do a Portuguese version of this video and post.
Thank you for your attention. Fábio Santos
p.s This is my blog. I keep it to provide news and information to people in my town, this is why it has adds on it. yet the above donate link is completely independent from my blog. Any donation received through it will go to save the puppies I have shown in the video above.
Fábio santos

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